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The strike will only be called off when these new amendments are added to the Constitution. All politicians that have exceeded their time in office or aged out will step down and new elections called. Their failure to govern has made them forfeit the consent of the governed. A new governing body must prove it is fit to lead. 


Once the revolution has been finalized, elections will also take place for qualified members to sit on temporary citizen councils to review all government documents. This will be done for all national security and financial records to root out all corruption and mismanagement. Abuses will be disclosed. Budgets will be reviewed and voted on by the American people. When a newly-elected body is sworn in, it will take over these duties with full transparency. Failure to do so will result in removal from office.


The easy part of all this will actually be the strike. Understand, those in power who will capitulate to us will only be doing so with the belief that this is temporary. It is not, but it could be if we Americans are not vigilant, informed and dedicated to this new form of more direct democracy. 


Over time, more direct democracy will be implemented so our collective voice will always be heard. If we become lazy or easily distracted, the moneyed interests will devolve into the horrible conditions we face now. Do not let that happen. Evil will always exist but it can only flourish if good people do nothing. 


A population aware of the inherent nature of power's corrupting influence will halt its spread. The founders of America placed checks and balances on different sections of the elites. Balances that were whittled away over time to the point that any checks on each other's power have been superficial, at best. We live presently in an inverted totalitarianism where the illusion of democracy is proven time and again that an illusion is all it is. To ensure that will never happen again, we must stand together as one free people.


All personal autonomy must be respected. For if one does not respect another's autonomy, why should anyone respect theirs? Remembering this is the key to a better future for all. This manifesto has the ability to spread worldwide. For all free people of the world to rise up, throw off their chains, control their own lives and futures free from violence, poverty, ignorance, hunger and despair. America does not need to be an empire in decline, but what it should have always been:  an ideal to strive for and for others to emulate. Join with your fellow Americans and together we can change not only this country, but inspire the world to do the same. Demand it all. Don't settle for anything less than everything. Together we will win!


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