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Comparison With

How does this web site compare with  the US green Party website at

This website is a map of local (and state) green parties and caucuses.  The US Green Party site does not have such a map.  

The US Green party website is a bunch of Word Press pages.   The US Green Party website has a  page on State Parties, with a map and with most states contact info.   And it has a page on Ballot Access where you can click into the page for each state on Ballot Access and that contact info is repeated.  And it has a page on Caucuses, where you can click into each caucus to check if there is a local caucus.  They also have a page on current candidates.  But it is not up to date.    

GP.ORG also has a page on Google Calendar.  Every state party can update their own google calendar, and it all shows up on the main google calendar,  that distributes the maintenance, but then it is a bit difficult to find the nearest  event.  On reader writes: "the calendar has almost never been used."

This newer map is more like Google Calendar. It is a content Management System.   Everyone can be given permission to edit their  own data, and no one else's.  The results show up instantly on the web site.  In contrast,  the US Green Party website is a bunch of webpages edited by the web master.  Everyone has to submit their information to him for inclusion in the web site.  That does not scale.  Data entry interferes with his more valuable work as a webmaster and software developer.  And it limits what can be entered.  Mostly just contact information.   On this website, one can add  images, videos, links, news articles, and blog postings.  End users can even use the advanced GrapeJS Editor

This newer maps  presents all of the critical information on one map.    State Parties.  Local Parties, Politicians, caucuses, and soon even Google Calendar Events.  Detail pages can be customized by each group.   They already include   twitter timelines for those groups that have a twitter account. 

This site is a model of the green party.  It integrates all of the above information.  Edit the contact information, and it shows up everywhere it needs to be seen.   It is quite easy to add in additional functionality based on this business model of the US Green Party as needed.  Indeed speed of development, is a core strength  of the software.  

Of course does have its strengths.  This newer map does not  include the ballot access map.  That is a very important piece of information, but more for internal consumption than for the general public. 

Built using the  Forest Map Wiki  

This Map is a volunteer effort, separate from the Stair Party.