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Adding National Candidates Removed Alex

Adding National Candidates Removed Alex

In order to avoid FEC regulations, the maps do not currently list national candidates. Not good! Here is the proposed solution to that problem.

The Problem

The problem is that there are numerous FEC and state regulations governing elections.  Until decides to legally adopt the software, I need to be very careful to follow all of the rules.  In order to avoid FEC regulations, the maps do not currently list federal candidates.  That was fine when there were only 2  federal candidates, but now that there are 10, (and soon there will be more) they really do need to be listed.     Here is how we will do that and still be regulation compliant. 

So how do we follow all of the rules with a single website and still avoid federal regulations?  Well you cannot.  You have to break the website up into multiple websites.  Forgive me if I use Justin Paglino as an example.   He is running for Congress in Connecticut.  He runs Hopefully he will be kind enough to let me volunteer with his campaign.   Then I can create a separate web site at  It would be the Connecticut state map and all of the Connecticut content.   It could optionally have the same look and feel as the Paglino web site  But the content would be the Connecticut Green Maps content.  The national map would just show the pins with links.  Click on a state pin, and it jumps to  It would still all be on a single server, but the Connecticut branch of the tree would all be on his subdomain. 

What if there are two federal candidates in a state.  Think of @CongressKate and @The_Pale_H0rse in New York.  Well the national map would link to one of the candidates subdomains, say, but the other subdomain would also work.  Both would have the look and feel of that candidates website.  


  1. This lets me add the Federal candidates to the map, but not be subject to federal regulations. I am just a volunteers for their campaign. 
  2. The candidates in a state are responsible for following their state regulations.  They are the ones who know the state regulations best. 
  3. It integrates the maps into the state-wide candidates campaigns, including those who are not federal candidates. Both their site and the maps site will have the same look and feel. Events can be listed on the state map.  Local Parties can get their own web sites.  Social graph and soon volunteer lists will be available. 
  4. Data gets shared between state-wide candidates. 
  5. The map's data will be available in the next election cycle.
  6. Only a single server needs to be managed.  That is both easier and more secure. 
  7. This is a great step towards building international Green Map sites. 
  8. It is also a great step towards actually running multiple distributed servers. 

  Comments are most appreciated. 


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