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About GP's Candidate Support Services

About GP's Candidate Support Services has not been doing a very good job supporting candidates. Here are the receipts.

  1. They blew $10,000 on some tone consultants,  and never actually made any changes, rather than giving the money to candidates running for office.
  2. They promote a few candidates on their web site and email lists, but ignore the others. Best to have a map of all candidates, and promote all candidates.
  3. They take what little money they have and give it to a few candidates, rather than investing in open source software which all candiates coudl benefit from.
  4. They fired David Doonan, their IT manager.
  5. They do not share the relevant parts of their database with state and local candidates.
  6. Word has it that we did really bad this year, and lost some ballot access.
  7. They failed to provide candidates about free web site development services I offered.
  8. They failed to promote the Unoffical Green Party Discord server, one of the least censored of the mainstream platforms.

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This Map is a volunteer effort, separate from the Stair Party.