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Welcome to UnCensored News, a weekly syndicated newsletter.  The goal is to make sure that you have good information about local and national events, and to help avoid being manipulated by misinformation. 



2.  Beyond Oil and Gas Coalition of governments.    I am very pleased that California is one of the early members of the Beyond Oil and gas coalition. And the carbon lobby just suffered their first major defeat.  It is the end of Royal Dutch shell.   Here is the The moral case for destroying fossil fuel infrastructure.  And Climate Activists Disrupted German Coal Mine Expansion  And without destroying such infrastructure, people are working hard to stop production in Australia.  Which is still way too late to prevent  the recent extreme rains which hit previously wildfire-devastated British Columbia.The scale of the disaster unfolding in B.C. is unprecedented  Climate changes makes such disasters more frequent.  More 

3.  The Supply chain problem.   At its core the supply chain problem,  is caused by the monopolization of the shipping routes creating profitable bottlenecks. Matt Stoler describes this in his Too Big to Sail: How a Legal Revolution Clogged Our Ports.    He does such a brilliant job covering the history, the law, the economics. One of my favorite authors.   And now we can watch what happens when a monopolistic and unresponsive supply chain gets hit by an unprecedented climate change disaster in western Canada. 



4.   Covid.  Pfizer, and Biontech are making $1,000 every second.  And yet covid infections are rising around the world  Probably because it is easy for the virus to mutate to avoid the vaccines.  Which anyhow do not protect our lungs from infection.  I do believe that We Need to Get Our Priorities Right': Bernie Sanders a 'No' on $778 Billion Pentagon Budget Vote  Worldwide Search Trend For “Died Suddenly” Spikes To Record HighsProfit instead of science: The German government’s COVID-19 policyMore

5.  China. In the mainstream press, I mostly read about China's growing military.  As if leaders are seriously considering war with another nuclear armed country    But really the story is about economic competition with China.      Yes China is growing their military, but they are also  investing heavily in their belt and roadway inititative in order to grow their economy.  In the meantime we have a new CIA China Center and are  Stepping Up Military Operations in Waters Near China while we can't barely pass.... And now  Biden is 'considering' a diplomatic boycott of Games   A  Historian Alfred McCoy Predicts the U.S. Empire is Collapsing as China's Power Grows More

6.  The Biden Diaries.  Do you remember the news about Hunter Biden's Laptop?  Well now it is about Ashley Biden's diaries. They were either lost or stolen, and then given to Project Veritas.  Project Veritas, could not authenticate  them, declined to publish them, and turned them over to the police.   No news here!  Then the Democratically controlled  the FBI raided Project Veritas, effectively authenticating the diaries, and now it is a big story.  Watch a longer analysis by lawyer Glenn Greenwald,  or read the transcript

7.  Congressional News  VIDEO: Why Congress Doesn't Care What Voters Want9

8.  International News, Ukrainian President Signs 'Anti-Oligarch Law'  We need to do the same here

9.  Atmospheric Methane is 84 times more powerful as a green house gas than CO2. And this week,  satellites discover huge amounts of undeclared methane emissions.  And that is not even covering methane emissions in the arctic