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Socialism Vs Capitalism

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1. Beyond Bridges and Roads, Bowman Makes Case for 'Care Infrastructure'  Socialism Vs Capitalism Clearly the well being of a nation is not just the quality of its roads and bridges. The health and education of the populace also matter. 2021-04-07
2. 55 US Corporate Giants Paid $0 in Federal Taxes in 2020 Thanks to 'Gaping' Loopholes  Socialism Vs Capitalism Here are all the details. Not very exciting reading, but you can did deeper if you are interested in this very important analysis. 2021-04-02
3. Fossil Fuel Companies Got $8.2 Billion in Tax Bailouts—Then Fired Over 58,000 Workers  Socialism Vs Capitalism They received $131,000 for each of the 58,488 people they laid off. 2021-04-02
4. I helped stop DeJoy's USPS meddling under Trump. Now it's happening again.  Socialism Vs Capitalism As a candidate for Congress, I saw firsthand the damage Louis DeJoy is capable of causing. But there are no guarantees we will be able to stop him again. 2021-03-31
5. Amazon is Fighting its ShareHolders, New York, the FEC, and Politicians  Socialism Vs Capitalism it is really quite depressing to read about all of the things Amazon is doing to maintain its current business practices. But the world needs to know. 2021-03-30
6. The Government Just Admitted It Doesn't Really Try to Collect Rich People's Taxes  Socialism Vs Capitalism By some estimates, the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans manage to avoid paying about a quarter-trillion dollars of owed taxes every single year. 2021-03-21
7. LA and Oakland teachers: Vote “No” on the deadly deals to reopen schools!  Socialism Vs Capitalism The efforts of the politicians and teachers unions across the West Coast to return students and staff to schools under deadly conditions must be resisted in order to save lives. 2021-03-22
8. How The Amazon Union Drive In Alabama Is Changing Workers’ Rights Forever  Socialism Vs Capitalism Amazon accidentally created the best opportunity for organized labor to increase union membership in decades, experts and organizers say. 2021-03-20
9. The bankrupt Blackjewel Coal Mining Company can Walk Away from Cleaning up Abandoned Coal Mines  Socialism Vs Capitalism They can walk away form 30 permits now, and the rest in six months. No one goes to jail. 2021-03-20
10. Robots Are Coming for Millions of Blue-Collar Jobs  Socialism Vs Capitalism Not a very exciting article, but it is really important that people know what is coming. 2021-03-17

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1. Minimum Wage -> News about changes to the Minimum Wage 2021-02-18
4. Covid Relief Bills -> A progressive view on the various Covid Relief Bills. 2021-02-18
6. Review of @AOC-led interviews about GameStop -> @AOC, member of the house Financial Services committee, does a great job interviewing an industry watchdog, Reddit Co-Founder, and the Stock guy about GameStop 2021-01-29