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Defund The Police

Defund The Police

An Index and news site about defunding the police.

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1. Virginia lawmakers unanimously approve bill that bans facial recognition technology  Defund The Police Under the bill, any law enforcement agency using facial recognition technology must stop, and they can only get approval to use it if they seek special permission from the legislature beginning July 1. 2021-04-01
2. World's eyes on Minneapolis as George Floyd trial begins | First Thing  Black Lives Matter Former police officer Derek Chauvin is accused of killing Floyd last year in an incident that sparked international outrage. 2021-03-29
3. Feds Convene Grand Jury to Probe Past Violent Conduct of George Floyd’s Killer  Black Lives Matter The feds are convening a grand jury to investigate whether a police officer violated George Floyd's constitutional rights, and a state court is considering additional charges. 2021-02-24
4. Green Party Presidential Candidate Howie Hawkins Says 'Real Solutions Can’t Wait' | Black Agenda Report  Black Lives Matter The Green Party’s presidential pick discusses his foreign and domestic policy positions. “We support the defund and abolition demands, but we also call for community control of the police as an indispensable demand.” 2020-08-16
5. Black Lives Matter  Defund The Police The Green view on Black Lives. 2020-07-20
6. Communities of color see alarming rates of COVID-19 cases  Black Lives Matter Data gathered by some cities and states show African Americans have been disproportionately affected by coronavirus. In Chicago, black people make up nearly ... 2020-07-20
7. Republicans Defunded the Police We Need  Facts Trump and the GOP pretend they love law enforcement -- but they eliminated the cops that protect us from the world’s most dangerous and powerful criminals. 2020-06-12
8. Spending on the Police is out of Control  Facts Data show the growth of police budgets has far outpaced population growth in cities across the country. 2020-06-12
9. Facts  Defund The Police Here we have articles which provide important facts. 2020-06-12
10. US Green Party Position on Police Brutality  Positions On defunding the Police For the past four months we have stopped what we were doing. We have taken drastic, life altering, paradigm shifting changes in order to deal with a global pandemic. The same energy is needed now in dealing with a 400 year old pandemic called white supremacy. It's the brutal treatment by white enslavers on ships sailing across the Atlantic, and the bombing of dark skinned peoples by a Black president with drones flying high in the sky. It's 17 year old Antwon Rose, Jr, killed by a white police officer in Pittsburgh and a black neighborhood in Philadelphia bombed by a Black mayor. White supremacy is a world-wide disease characterized by the dehumanization and devaluation of Black life. 2020-06-12

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1. Newest News -> Here you can see the newest news items. 2020-06-12
2. Defining Defund The Police -> What do we mean by Defund the Police? 2020-06-12
3. Positions On defunding the Police -> The positions of various people on the topic of defunding the police. 2020-06-12
4. Progress On Defunding The Police -> Here we report on progress on defunding the police. 2020-06-12
5. Facts -> Here we have articles which provide important facts. 2020-06-12
6. Black Lives Matter -> The Green view on Black Lives. 2020-07-20