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Covid Relief Bills

Covid Relief Bills

A progressive view on the various Covid Relief Bills.

All the News They Throttle, We Publish.

1. Schumer Begins 2021 Promising To Fight — Then Immediately Surrenders  Covid Relief Bills The Democratic leader spent New Year’s morning pretending he and his party are fighting Republicans for $2,000 checks — right before he went to the Senate floor to surrender on live television. 2021-01-01
2. $2000 Relief Bill Dec 2020  Covid Relief Bills The news about this bill. 2020-12-29
3. Republicans Threaten To Deny $2,000 Checks To Their Own Constituents  Covid Relief Bills House Republicans and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell represent voters who are disproportionately struggling — and yet they may block $2,000 survival checks. 2020-12-28
4. The Hardball Tactics We’ve Been Waiting For  Covid Relief Bills In a shrewd play for $2,000 survival checks, Bernie Sanders is pulling a McConnell on Mitch McConnell, leveraging a Pentagon bill to try to secure aid for millions of Americans struggling to survive. 2020-12-29
5. Neoliberal Champion Larry Summers Opens Mouth, Inserts Both Feet  Covid Relief Bills The former Harvard President and Treasury Secretary offers important thoughts on the negative consequences of aid to the less fortunate 2020-12-28
6. December 27, 2020  Covid Relief Bills A very nice analysis of why Trump just signed the Covid relief bill, and a plausible reason for why he did not sign the National Defense Authorization Bill. By @HC_Richardson 2020-12-28
7. December 26, 2020  Covid Relief Bills An excellent review of the current Covid relief bill. What it covers, where is the pork, why Trump is not signing, how that affects the Biden Administration, and the mechanics of a Pocket Veto. 2020-12-27
8. Force The Vote On Direct Aid  Covid Relief Bills Trump just gave Democrats one last chance to both hammer McConnell and do the right thing for millions of Americans. Will they seize the opportunity or blow it? 2020-12-23

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1. $2000 Relief Bill Dec 2020 -> The news about this bill. 2020-12-29