Hunter Wayne Crow

Green Party Candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner

Address:  Arlington, Texas 76017
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Twitter:  @CrowRailroad

I am the 2022 Green party nominee for Texas Railroad Commissioner my name is hunter crow.

I believe my candidacy for Texas railroad commissioner speaks on many levels. I feel that this office is unique and important because the railroad commission regulates the oil & gas industries as well as coal and uranium extraction. This agency is supposed to be a consumer protection agency, but it has become an industry protection agency. I believe that the Texas Railroad Commission is an extremely corrupt body that wants nothing more than to destroy the earth's environment and its inhabitants. I feel that the 2022 election for Texas railroad commissioner is important because environmental policy will be a key issue in the 2022 election for Texas railroad commissioner.

When the Texas Railroad Commission was formed by Gov. Jim Hogg and the Texas Legislature, it was to protect Texas citizens against a big industry. I intend to steer the TRC back to its original intent to hold the concerns of Texans over the interest of private industries if Elected.

My Top three priorities:

The private property of Texas citizens needs to be protected against the use of state rights, eminent domain, by private industry for profit.

Holding all drilling operations, including hydro fracturing, to a high standard even if it means stopping operations. Our state resources need to be protected for our children and children’s children.

Texas needs to increase jobs by becoming the leader in developing efficient, clean alternative energy, such as wind and solar.

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