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Green New Deal

Green New Deal

President Biden announced a Green New deal. Here is the news about it.

All the News They Throttle, We Publish.

1. We Are Living in a Climate Emergency, and We are Going to Say So  Climate Change Scientific American now says that it is time to use a term that more than 13,000 scientists agree is needed 2021-04-13
2. Biden plans to fight climate change in a way no U.S. president has done before  Green New Deal Former Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter explains what Biden's 'all hands on deck' approach could look like as the new administration takes on five big climate challenges. 2021-01-28
3. Scientists Warn 4°C World Would Unleash 'Unimaginable Amounts of Water' as Ice Shelves Collapse  Ice and the Arctic It is just common sense, but our politicians seem to lack it, and so it gets published. This is the news you may not see on the MSM. 2021-04-09
4. French winemakers count cost of ‘worst frost in decades’  Extreme Weather Freezing temperatures damage crops and vines in France, soon it won't be just grapes. 2021-04-10
5. Counting Down Carbon - Carbon Watchdog  Miscellaneous Climate Change Articles Here you'll find the latest information on climate change, how it affects our lives and what we have to do to rise to the challenge. @carbonwatchdog 2021-04-08
6. Absolute Decoupling of Economic Growth and Emissions in 32 Countries  Climate Change and the Economy We all think that economic growth is correlated with carbon emissions, but 32 countries proved that they can be decoupled, some with dramatic effect. Superbly written, solid content. 2021-04-08
7. Cycling is ten times more important than electric cars for reaching net-zero cities  Clean Energy Bicycles are 10 times better than electric cars, 30 times better than gas cars, and much better for your health. 2021-04-08
8. Yale study finds $62 billion in implicit subsidies every year for fossil fuels in the USA  Carbon Lobby Another study which you need to know about, but maybe do not need to read. 2021-04-07
9. People Worldwide Said 'Build Back Better.' IEA Chief Says 'Just the Opposite' Is Happening  Climate Change and the Economy Countries are increasing their planned carbon pollution, rather than decreasing it. 2021-04-01
10. The Amazon Rainforest Now Emits More Greenhouse Gases Than It Absorbs  Amazon Rain Forest HOLLY SHIT! And worse yet it is approaching a tipping point! 2021-04-01

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3. Climate Change -> Uncensored information about what is happening with climate change. 2020-07-20