Destiny Clayton

Destiny Clayton is running for governor of Michigan.

Address:  Greenfield Rd, Oakland County MI
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Twitter:  @Destiny_C_GP

I am an Army veteran who had the opportunity to travel into many different areas in our country, from Alaska to Alabama. There are certain problems that I saw no matter where I went.
    First, I realized that there were many others like me--poor kids who wanted to build a better life and our only option was to join the military. We need to give our children better options to succeed.
    Regime change wars need to stop. We have an entire generation of young, poor kids who are scarred for life from combat, not to mention all of the people who have died on both sides. We could be investing that money into our country.
    We have a huge mental health problem in our country and almost no access to help. Even if there are programs, they are hard to find.
    We spend too much money putting people in jail. We need to be investing in rehabilitation vs criminal prosecution.
    We need to make sure that people have reliable forms of transportation. We can continue to be at the front of the technology and build. high-speed rail systems.
    I hope I can count on your support.