Delilah Barrios

“The real purpose of socialism is to overcome and advance beyond the predatory phase of human development.” -Albert Einstein

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     I've lived in TX my entire life and I have seen some amazing, wonderful things. I have been in awe, inspired and fulfilled by our state, our people, our comradery. Lately though, it seems like who we are and what defines us has less to do with what our values are and more to do with what we're told to agree with.

I've lost friends over my support for Black Lives Matter. I've lost family over differences of opinions. Political discussions are not just talking points, they are based on values and ethics. I don't believe that anyone should be in complete control of another person but I'll be damned if you should go about your life never considering others. No matter what your background or your beliefs, we are ultimately all in this together.

I've seen some awful, painful things happen to people and the only thing that makes it better are finding people who care. Even if you cannot help, at least you can show concern, share some love for others regardless of any differences. I've worked in healthcare for almost 17 years now and I just want to do more. I know we can join each other in this fight for equality and justice for all. We should not demonize people who want the world to be a better place.

If you love your country, be a part of the change towards freedom and prosperity for all, not just the wealthy. Compassion isn't costly, its essential. I believe we should have universal healthcare, UBI for low and middle income, green new deal, job guarantee, $20 minimum wage, cuts in excessive military spending and basic human rights to be happy and healthy. There is no need for so many to be suffering.