Christina E. Olson

I am running for PA Governor in 2022. Co-Chair of the Green Party of PA and organizer for the Lehigh Valley Green Party of PA, USA, Earth. I am otherwise known as Tina Olson and/or Mom. She/Her.

Phone:  484-852-1883
Address:  Hellertown, PA
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Twitter:  @ChristinaEOlso1

Hi, my name is Christina Olson, but most people call me Tina. I’m running for Governor of PA in 2022 because I feel that our state needs leadership outside of the two major parties that continue to drag their heels for progress. While Republicans and Democrats have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you, I guarantee my humble background would not suggest that I own such real estate. I’m a real person like you and I am tired of fighting for basic human rights in our country. I stand for a livable wage, community-based free and comprehensive healthcare and education, environmental justice, racial equality, a true Green New Deal for Pennsylvania-banning and replacing the fracking industry with clean energy jobs, free post-high school education, reasonable gun laws, decriminalizing all drugs, decriminalizing sex-work, de-militarizing the police, and closing ICE detention centers.

My campaign is 100% Grassroots Democracy. That means that people, not corporations, are funding my campaign. This is the only way to fight corruption and the profiteers who take money to keep all of us living in fastly deteriorating environments.