Cassandra Martineau

Cassandra Martineau has been elected to the Willimantic Taxing District Board of Directors in Nov 2021.

Office:  Cassandra Martineau
Location:  Taxing District
In office Until:  Windham, CT
Mastodon: Follow @TurboKitty@Mastodon.Social
Phone:  860-230-6209
Address:  45 Clifford St Windham, CT 06226
Please avoid the following, they censor us.
Twitter:  @CassCongress

I am a lifelong social justice activist, an executive officer in the Windham/ Willimantic NAACP and founder of Willimantic Rainbow Connection, an LGBTQ+ group.  I currently serve on Windham?s Zoning Board of Appeals, and bring 15 years of public school experience to my political run.

Like all Green candidates, I only accept campaign contributions from real people, never from special interest groups. We need to stop begging for relief for working families and under-represented populations while casting a blind eye to corporate welfare. Instead, we can lead the way to change by truly representing the needs of our constituents.