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Biden Cabinet Directory

The Green Party Directory is now building a Biden Cabinet Directory, a virtual shadow cabinet. For each cabinet member there will be a scorecard, with links to their history, revolving doors, and actions.

All the News They Throttle, We Publish.

1. Biden Aides Disclose Their Corporate Ties  Biden Cabinet Directory Newly released documents show White House staffers were working as consultants for Lyft, billionaire foundations, and an Israeli facial recognition firm. 2021-03-20
2. Biden Promising to raise the minimum wage.  Joe Biden A video of every time Joe Biden promised to raise the minimum wage. 2021-03-12
3. January 26, 2021  Joe Biden We are now a week into the Biden administration, and President Biden has set some clear and surprisingly dominant markers at the beginning of his presidency. He has kept firmly to his constitutional responsibilities in what appears to be an attempt to remind Americans of the official roles in our democracy. He has deliberately refused to intrude on the Department of Justice, saying he would leave up to it which cases to pursue. When a reporter asked Press Secretary Jen Psaki whether Biden believes the Senate should convict the former president of incitement of insurrection in his upcoming Senate trial, Psaki answered: “Well, he’s no longer in the Senate, and he believes that it’s up to the Senate and Congress to determine how they will hold the former president accountable and what the mechanics and timeline of that process will be.” 2021-01-27
4. Biden’s Revolving Door  Biden Cabinet Directory Companies that paid Biden’s Treasury and State nominees have business before the departments they are set to run, according to records reviewed by The Daily Poster. 2021-01-04
5. About This Biden Administration Directory  Biden Cabinet Directory This describes what I would like to see happen. 2020-12-08
7. Bernie world seethes over Tanden as OMB nominee  Joe Biden’s Neera Tanden Pick Is Even Worse Than You Thought To former Sanders staffers and allies, Tanden is one of the Democratic elites who helped sink his 2016 campaign behind the scenes. 2020-12-01
8. Biden Picks Budget Director Who Pushed Social Security Cuts  Joe Biden’s Neera Tanden Pick Is Even Worse Than You Thought Likely OMB nominee Neera Tanden called for cuts to Social Security, saying “we need to put both entitlements on the table as well as taxes.” 2020-11-30
9. Kerry Means Militarization of US Climate Policy  John Kerry Climate Tsar With President-elect Joe Biden’s appointment of John Kerry as Special Presidential Envoy on Climate with a seat on the National Security Council, US climate policy will emphasize deploying the military to adapt to global warming instead of deploying clean energy to reverse it. 2020-11-30
10. Biden Appointee Neera Tanden Spread the Conspiracy That Russian Hackers Changed Hillary's 2016 Votes to Trump  Joe Biden’s Neera Tanden Pick Is Even Worse Than You Thought How can Democrats and allied media outlets credibly oppose unhinged conspiracy theories and attacks on U.S. election legitimacy while empowering its worst purveyors? 2020-11-30

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1. Joe Biden -> Links about Joe Biden's history. People forget so quickly. 2020-07-20
2. Kamala Harris -> Links related to Kamela Harris track record. 2020-08-12
11. About This Biden Administration Directory -> This describes what I would like to see happen. 2020-12-08