Alex Polikoff

Running for: State Representative, District 23

Office:  Alex Polikoff
Location:  Fire District
In office Until:  Corvalis, OR
Mastodon: Follow @TurboKitty@Mastodon.Social
Address:  Corvallis, OR

Why do you want to run for that office, vision/goals, how do you define winning:

To foster Progressive awareness and change.

Three key policies, messages:

Universal Healthcare, election & campaign finance reform, 100% renewable energy, tax reform

What is your plan, benchmarks:

To be seen, being Green

Resources you anticipate needing, treasure mapping:

Potential obstacles:

Media bias against minor parties, gerrymandered District

How much money do you plan to spend? How will you raise the funds?

Relevant experience and/or other

Previous candidate for State Representative, US Congress