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About This Biden Administration Directory

This describes what I would like to see happen.

I just got the Howie email about Cedric Richmond.  And that is only 1 appointment. We need to shine a light on the Biden cabinet.   "Sunlight disinfects. "  So here is the new Biden Cabinet Directory.  Or just follow the most recent news

These pages will focus on their history, on the revolving door, and on their actions.  A virtual "Shadow Cabinet". Really it is a cross between a Biden Administration Directory, a shadow cabinet and a news source.    

For every cabinet officer, we will have a web page, a score card and links to relevant web pages.  I can do this myself with help from bloggers.  If there is enough interest we can appoint shadow ministers.  Each shadow minister, tracks a real administration official, is an expert on their work, and criticizes them.   They would also be responsible for curating a collection of links about that  official, and helping provide information to alternative media outlets. 

This would be particularly good for the Young Ecosocialists.  I know when I was younger I often participated in Model UN's.  They were so much fun, and sadly so infrequent.  Charlie says it is hard to get people to tweet, but I think it would be easy to get people to be a shadow minister.  They develop a particular expertise.  They are supporting  alternative journalists.  They have to negotiate with their peers about how to respond to particular events.   The best ones would get promoted.    it would  look good on their resume.  

This is also particularly helpful for the alternative media.  I am particularly a fan of David Sirota.  he so wants to hire staff to help him better cover the government actions.  We could provide him and other alternative media outlets with a whole research staff, experts on what the government is actually doing. 

I also think it is the best way to get around the Media Blackout.  Provide high quality curated information.  The last two days I got a record number of Twitter alerts.  two days ago, close to 30 altogether. 20 when I woke up. Yesterday it was over 60.   I think it is because I am providing useful services.  A few days ago one person on Facebook even shared the link to some 50 different facebook groups.  i did not even think that was allowed.  

High quality trusted curated information is irresistible.   if the media blacks us out, we need to become the media.  

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